10 Jun 2013

SEO Keyword Research & Analysis

SEO Keyword
The keyword research is the basis for a successful search engine optimization. A professional keyword research & analysis provides information on how the customers are really looking for. Our Keywords Research & Analysis provides inter the following:
  •  Keyword Research
  •  Establish a list of relevant keywords
  •  Search volume for each keyword
  •  Identification of quantitative Keyword Relevance
  •  Determination of the qualitative Keyword Relevance
  •  Recommendation Money relevant keywords
  •  Identifying ranking status of recommended keywords
  •  Recommendation of the optimal landing page per keyword
  •  Analysis of the first 10 search results per keyword
SEO Keyword Research

Keyword research is the basis for the search engine marketing with SEO and Google AdWords. A keyword research is essential for a successful business model, since one has to be very intense with the search behavior of the relevant target groups.

An overview of our SEO Keyword Research

  • Search a list of relevant keywords
  • Determining the potential per keyword
  • Keywords indexed pages per
  • Quantitative Keyword Relevance
  • Qualitative Keyword Relevance
  • Keyword competition analysis
  • Recommendation Money relevant keywords
  • Ranking status of recommended keywords
  • Recommendation of the optimum landing page for each keyword
  • Analysis of the first 10 search results per keyword

The keyword research analysis in preparation for the search engine optimization (SEO)
After a thorough site analysis, keyword research is according to the company or industry relevant keywords of vital necessity. This happens for a about a personal interview in which we share the target audience and determine ideal keywords or search terms for which your site should be optimized. With this information, we consider the keywords in the search environment of real relevance and run a competition analysis. Depending on your needs we then refine the search terms and / or expand the keyword base. For each step of keyword analysis available to us various tools and databases.

Professional Keyword research and analysis
The basis of all SEO activities is a fundamental first keyword research to identify relevant keywords. The obvious at first glance, searches are often not the best, as for example, either do not provide the desired relevant traffic density or the competition is so high that a disproportionate optimization require high cost and time required for optimization.

Especially if you offer a niche, you should also make worrying that you optimize appropriate niche keywords (long tail keywords). This is a keyword research alone using standard tools such as Google Insights for Search Google Keyword Tool or often not enough to find out.

Our keyword research includes in addition to the tools mentioned your own applications and professional third-party tools for keyword analysis. We include search behavior, the keywords of the top competitors (PPC and SEO) and existing Google Adwords campaigns and web analytics data into a keyword research.

Analysis of Long Tail Keywords Using Adwords is optional, is recommended, but in most cases. Did you Adwords campaigns meaningful data, this step is already generated no longer necessarily needed.

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