19 Apr 2013

Benefits of Search engine optimization

Search engine optimization is intended for anyone who manages or controls a site and is interested in its effectiveness. In practice this often site administrators, web developers, marketers and advertisers. But basically this website optimization tool useful for anyone with the site pursues a specific purpose and seriously want to see how your site the best in you for that target. Even if you only 'goal' seems to hold as many visitors as long as possible to have a Search engine optimization will help.

Search engine optimization offers you include the following benefits:

- You achieve more conversions. In other words, you sell more products, generates more inquiries, get more newsletter subscribers etc.

-You increase the time guests pay on your website as a result of you've got tuned the positioning higher on your visit.

- You get a quick very practical insight into how to optimize your site so that the most 'yields'. You no longer need 'to follow your feelings "or just complicated / expensive per-tests or tests to take to get a realistic picture of what works for your site and what not.

- You can use the test as extensively but also as simple as you want. You can, for example a single element on a landing page to an analysis topics (eg the main heading). But you can also dozens of elements combined and tested (this does take a lot of site traffic). So you can in the course of time several pages addressing and at your own pace gradually optimize your entire website.

- You can create online forms more effective by testing both the form and the information requested.

- If you are on the site a specific offer to visitors, then you can easily test with Search engine optimization which offering is most successful.

- You can test certain elements carefully before you make that final extended and add to your site.

- The results are realistic. They do not relate to a sample of one may be too small or unhappy selected number of visitors or a laboratory situation.

9 Apr 2013

SEO processes - How does a Search Engine Optimization?

In this article I will show you how a basic SEO process looks like. The goal of any search engine optimization sequence is to be listed for relevant search terms on Google the best search results. However, one must note that the exact sequence of SEO web project to web project always runs differently - there are many varying factors to pay attention to. The basic framework of optimizing for the search engines is as follows:

1 Keyword research:

At the beginning of keyword research you have to come up with a few rough keywords which are relevant industries. Basically, there are two types of keywords, the keywords and information to profitable keywords, behind which a purchase intent is suspected. For SEO optimization is chosen, logically, the best profitable keywords from. Info Keywords bring more traffic in some cases perhaps, but profitable keywords bring, as the name suggests, later a better conversions. To illustrate: Although the keyword "computer" has a lot more searches, but you can "buy computer" after the keyword phrase suggests an intent to purchase, and therefore it is better for SEO purposes. Because you should always keep in mind that search engine optimization is actually a marketing measure, which is used to increase the turnover of companies.