27 Jun 2013

Backlinks: What should be considered in the cleanup of the Backlink structure

Backlink myths
5 Myths regarding your Backlinks
The Penguin 2.0 update is carried out largely according to official figures from Google. Many SEOs were busy in the run with the cleanup of the link profile. While the cleanup is indeed a laudable approach, there are some basic rules that should be adhered to. 5 rules to be explained in more detail below.

1 Remove all purchased fixed backlinks
One approach of the true sound, but is not necessarily useful. Google prohibits in its policies not to buy backlinks, but requires that these be marked with the "nofollow" tag. Purchased links with the "nofollow" tag are clearly labeled advertising and thus absolutely legitimate. So why should not in general be removed simply all purchased backlinks. If this actually attract, for example by good positioning, visitors, they should instead be rather marked nofollow.

2 Simply remove links radically inferior
Poor quality backlinks, for example social bookmarks or product catalogs to be fixed simply remove the right approach must be, not mandatory. SEOs and webmasters should always remember that a link profile should look as natural as possible - this now includes even low quality links. Of course, the quantity should remain within manageable limits, so it does not look like pure spam link in the eyes of Google. But a few are inferior links here and there not a broken leg for your rankings. 

3 Brand-stamped Backlinks flat as positive
Tools to analyze the link structure, there are an almost infinite number on the market, but most of them have in common is that they share links to Keyword links, fire and Links Compound Links. A myth is the lump-sum distance of key anchor links and the positive highlight of fire anchor links. But this is wrong, because fire-Anchor links should be considered in detail according to their quality. Otherwise you risk that you actually removed the seo keyword links good backlinks while continuing to remain poor backlinks in the burnt-anchor links.

4 Without tools is nothing
A view also holds in the SEO industry for many years. Hardly there is a new "trend", there is also directly two handfuls of appropriate tools. To clean the backlink structure, but a tool is not mandatory. Common sense, a categorization still perform best - so also no links slip through the cracks.

5 Google Disavow tool is evil
Even that is not true. The Disavow tool was provided by Google for the purpose of cancellation and should be used for this purpose. SEOs that confess not a debt one, if only because it can not keep track of who has the link devalued at all initially set.

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