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27 Jun 2013

Backlinks: What should be considered in the cleanup of the Backlink structure

Backlink myths
5 Myths regarding your Backlinks
The Penguin 2.0 update is carried out largely according to official figures from Google. Many SEOs were busy in the run with the cleanup of the link profile. While the cleanup is indeed a laudable approach, there are some basic rules that should be adhered to. 5 rules to be explained in more detail below.

1 Remove all purchased fixed backlinks
One approach of the true sound, but is not necessarily useful. Google prohibits in its policies not to buy backlinks, but requires that these be marked with the "nofollow" tag. Purchased links with the "nofollow" tag are clearly labeled advertising and thus absolutely legitimate. So why should not in general be removed simply all purchased backlinks. If this actually attract, for example by good positioning, visitors, they should instead be rather marked nofollow.

2 Simply remove links radically inferior
Poor quality backlinks, for example social bookmarks or product catalogs to be fixed simply remove the right approach must be, not mandatory. SEOs and webmasters should always remember that a link profile should look as natural as possible - this now includes even low quality links. Of course, the quantity should remain within manageable limits, so it does not look like pure spam link in the eyes of Google. But a few are inferior links here and there not a broken leg for your rankings. 

3 Brand-stamped Backlinks flat as positive
Tools to analyze the link structure, there are an almost infinite number on the market, but most of them have in common is that they share links to Keyword links, fire and Links Compound Links. A myth is the lump-sum distance of key anchor links and the positive highlight of fire anchor links. But this is wrong, because fire-Anchor links should be considered in detail according to their quality. Otherwise you risk that you actually removed the seo keyword links good backlinks while continuing to remain poor backlinks in the burnt-anchor links.

4 Without tools is nothing
A view also holds in the SEO industry for many years. Hardly there is a new "trend", there is also directly two handfuls of appropriate tools. To clean the backlink structure, but a tool is not mandatory. Common sense, a categorization still perform best - so also no links slip through the cracks.

5 Google Disavow tool is evil
Even that is not true. The Disavow tool was provided by Google for the purpose of cancellation and should be used for this purpose. SEOs that confess not a debt one, if only because it can not keep track of who has the link devalued at all initially set.

21 Jun 2013

A look behind the scenes at a SEO India company

Keyword research
At the beginning of the SEO India company is determined by the keywords the site must be found, account being taken of the monthly search volumes for relevant search terms and how strong the competition is for these terms. Therefore it is very important to look at competitors, in what terms they put in? Are there any relevant keywords (SEO Keyword Research) that others have missed? Who is in the top 5 of the organic rankings for a keyword and it is feasible to compete?

Page optimization
The next step is the on-page optimization . The website will be adjusted based on the keywords analysis. We evaluate the relevance of a website including by looking at the content of the web pages, such as page titles, headings, the text on a page, etc. page optimization of a website is a considerable task.

Link Building
In assessing the relevance of a website for a keyword Google also looks at the inbound links. It is therefore important that there be placed on other sites that link to our site, called links back links. This aspect of the campaign is link building. This is a long term approach, every month must there a x number of links be placed to may rise in the Google keyword rankings. The moment you stop link building your pocket in the rankings because your competitors just continue with link building and also because over time back links disappear (a site goes offline, a moderator remove a link etc). To do this effectively, there must be a tight link build records to be kept.

Any links without context worked in the past very well to score in Google. In the year 2013 it is necessary to have good content to supply the link to be placed in a relevant context. Before you rely on the services of good copywriters who specialize in writing SEO articles.

Keyword rankings measuring
It should also be tracked accurately what the results of the SEO India company. Keyword positions in Google should be measured and reported. For this there are various professional SEO Packages in use such as Advanced Web Ranking or the MOZ online ranking tool . It is also useful to measure to linking keyword rankings and number of clicks. Relationship visitor By regularly analyze the data to determine whether a campaign is effective and whether it might be necessary to adjust the SEO strategy, there is no SEO auto-pilot .

How is the work divided?
For a company where the SEO in-house is done would the online marketing team is as follows view. For an SEO India company you need that works closely with the web-developer (s) and the SEO expert. An account manager The SEO Account Manager coordinates the online marketing campaign with the SEA manager, they delegate all sub tasks together.

For the sub tasks have a pool of SEO 'researchers' which can be used for: keyword research (organic results and / or AdWords), page optimization and / or compiling PPC ads and link building. It is wise to involve all three phases the same person because he / she is familiar with the matter and that you avoid that too many people together to coordinate the work. The combination of these 3 tasks are sufficient to keep running when there are multiple SEO campaigns. Someone at work

SEO content writing - a craft
SEO content writing is an art that allows you to do by an experienced copywriter who knows how to write a good story to the keywords it. For effective link building is necessary. Continuous new content In particular, the Blogger Outreach requires high quality articles. Now it's often the case that a link builder bloggers approaches for placing a guest blog and negotiated the guest blog written by a copywriter. Ideally, the negotiation takes place between the copywriter and blogger itself so quickly optimal alignment can be achieved. The 'scout' for suitable blogs can be left to researcher said.

The role of SEO Account Manager
The account manager designs the SEO campaign for a site based on the information he / she receives from the researchers. This manager sends the researchers with the page optimization, link building and the blogger outreach. In addition, it should be ensured that the copywriters know what content needs to be produced and that the items on time reaches the link builders / blog baiters. The results of the SEO campaign (keyword positions, visitors, conversions) are measured using professional SEO packages such as Advanced Web Ranking and applications from Google itself, such as Google Analytic and Google Webmaster tools . Based on regular analysis of these data, the researchers and copywriters are controlled.

A common mistake is the use of a SEO project for performing tasks such as link building and page optimization . Of course it is possible that this person occasionally have to jump in as the delegated tasks are not performed satisfactorily, but the main task of the account manager is managing the SEO campaign.

Social media often forgotten
Often the use of social media not included in an SEO India company because the effects of social media on keyword rankings are not as easy to quantify as with traditional link building, or one is stuck in a certain methodology and that is a missed opportunity to aim high rank in Google.

10 Jun 2013

SEO Keyword Research & Analysis

SEO Keyword
The keyword research is the basis for a successful search engine optimization. A professional keyword research & analysis provides information on how the customers are really looking for. Our Keywords Research & Analysis provides inter the following:
  •  Keyword Research
  •  Establish a list of relevant keywords
  •  Search volume for each keyword
  •  Identification of quantitative Keyword Relevance
  •  Determination of the qualitative Keyword Relevance
  •  Recommendation Money relevant keywords
  •  Identifying ranking status of recommended keywords
  •  Recommendation of the optimal landing page per keyword
  •  Analysis of the first 10 search results per keyword
SEO Keyword Research

Keyword research is the basis for the search engine marketing with SEO and Google AdWords. A keyword research is essential for a successful business model, since one has to be very intense with the search behavior of the relevant target groups.

An overview of our SEO Keyword Research

  • Search a list of relevant keywords
  • Determining the potential per keyword
  • Keywords indexed pages per
  • Quantitative Keyword Relevance
  • Qualitative Keyword Relevance
  • Keyword competition analysis
  • Recommendation Money relevant keywords
  • Ranking status of recommended keywords
  • Recommendation of the optimum landing page for each keyword
  • Analysis of the first 10 search results per keyword

The keyword research analysis in preparation for the search engine optimization (SEO)
After a thorough site analysis, keyword research is according to the company or industry relevant keywords of vital necessity. This happens for a about a personal interview in which we share the target audience and determine ideal keywords or search terms for which your site should be optimized. With this information, we consider the keywords in the search environment of real relevance and run a competition analysis. Depending on your needs we then refine the search terms and / or expand the keyword base. For each step of keyword analysis available to us various tools and databases.

Professional Keyword research and analysis
The basis of all SEO activities is a fundamental first keyword research to identify relevant keywords. The obvious at first glance, searches are often not the best, as for example, either do not provide the desired relevant traffic density or the competition is so high that a disproportionate optimization require high cost and time required for optimization.

Especially if you offer a niche, you should also make worrying that you optimize appropriate niche keywords (long tail keywords). This is a keyword research alone using standard tools such as Google Insights for Search Google Keyword Tool or often not enough to find out.

Our keyword research includes in addition to the tools mentioned your own applications and professional third-party tools for keyword analysis. We include search behavior, the keywords of the top competitors (PPC and SEO) and existing Google Adwords campaigns and web analytics data into a keyword research.

Analysis of Long Tail Keywords Using Adwords is optional, is recommended, but in most cases. Did you Adwords campaigns meaningful data, this step is already generated no longer necessarily needed.

30 May 2013

Web Design and Development

The presentation of companies, products and services on the Internet is a successful information and image placement is crucial. So you can take advantage of to this important communication channel to their target audience properly, should be previously defined objectives and tasks of their website.

Good  Web Design success of your website
Your website will be the very first point of contact for many of your prospective customers, prospective customers and business partners. Pull out all the stops to present itself as a company with an attractive web design professionally on the Internet: Creatively, content and technology.

The design is not solely responsible for the success of your website. But a professional appearance attracts the attention of your visitors and this is the good feeling that you can deliver exactly what they are looking for.
We develop a modern, sleek design for your websites. We dispense with gimmicks and gadgets. Instead, we rely on a well-designed Internet presence to match your target audience and your goals.

The websites designed by us are straight and timeless but not boring. As an internet provider but we also already know the latest web developments fading trends in web design. This know-how is then in your project.

Responsive Web Design
More and more websites are viewed on mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones. A "responsive web design" fits the layout of a website on every screen resolution. So the same web page on a desktop PC on a tablet like the iPad or a smartphone like the iPhone can be equally represented optimally.

What is "good" web design?
The first impression counts. This slightly worn saying applies to all websites. Good web design is visually appealing, transported the corporate design and support your visitors in search of information.

The design of the World Wide Web follows all rules anderne as the design of business documents, brochures or advertising TV spots. Must be observed, for example, the other type of perception on the screen or the logic of the user interface. Also different technical requirements of the user play a role: Available bandwidth, browser used and screen resolutions used.

Your corporate logo as a basis
If you have a corporate design for your company, we focus thereafter to ensure a consistent approach across all media. Otherwise, we follow the look and feel of your stationery or your logo. If you have no design guidelines, we can help with graphic design and print design: logo design, design and print your business equipment.

Without usability everything is nothing
A smart web design and good content do not guarantee good operation. We have a solid know-how in usability (ease of use) and eighth in the entire project to a good user experience.

Our web design process
Our design proposals presented to you in the form of screenshots that show already detailed how the homepage and detail pages will look.We discuss these designs together and work on them until these your ideas - and those of your customers - meet.

The first prototype (click-dummy) of your website is coded in HTML and CSS. Again, you can express wishes or brief us how your business "tick".The further implementation of your project we of course also master: content management system, content consulting, search engine optimization and much more!

19 Apr 2013

Benefits of Search engine optimization

Search engine optimization is intended for anyone who manages or controls a site and is interested in its effectiveness. In practice this often site administrators, web developers, marketers and advertisers. But basically this website optimization tool useful for anyone with the site pursues a specific purpose and seriously want to see how your site the best in you for that target. Even if you only 'goal' seems to hold as many visitors as long as possible to have a Search engine optimization will help.

Search engine optimization offers you include the following benefits:

- You achieve more conversions. In other words, you sell more products, generates more inquiries, get more newsletter subscribers etc.

-You increase the time guests pay on your website as a result of you've got tuned the positioning higher on your visit.

- You get a quick very practical insight into how to optimize your site so that the most 'yields'. You no longer need 'to follow your feelings "or just complicated / expensive per-tests or tests to take to get a realistic picture of what works for your site and what not.

- You can use the test as extensively but also as simple as you want. You can, for example a single element on a landing page to an analysis topics (eg the main heading). But you can also dozens of elements combined and tested (this does take a lot of site traffic). So you can in the course of time several pages addressing and at your own pace gradually optimize your entire website.

- You can create online forms more effective by testing both the form and the information requested.

- If you are on the site a specific offer to visitors, then you can easily test with Search engine optimization which offering is most successful.

- You can test certain elements carefully before you make that final extended and add to your site.

- The results are realistic. They do not relate to a sample of one may be too small or unhappy selected number of visitors or a laboratory situation.

9 Apr 2013

SEO processes - How does a Search Engine Optimization?

In this article I will show you how a basic SEO process looks like. The goal of any search engine optimization sequence is to be listed for relevant search terms on Google the best search results. However, one must note that the exact sequence of SEO web project to web project always runs differently - there are many varying factors to pay attention to. The basic framework of optimizing for the search engines is as follows:

1 Keyword research:

At the beginning of keyword research you have to come up with a few rough keywords which are relevant industries. Basically, there are two types of keywords, the keywords and information to profitable keywords, behind which a purchase intent is suspected. For SEO optimization is chosen, logically, the best profitable keywords from. Info Keywords bring more traffic in some cases perhaps, but profitable keywords bring, as the name suggests, later a better conversions. To illustrate: Although the keyword "computer" has a lot more searches, but you can "buy computer" after the keyword phrase suggests an intent to purchase, and therefore it is better for SEO purposes. Because you should always keep in mind that search engine optimization is actually a marketing measure, which is used to increase the turnover of companies.