17 Jun 2013

10 Tips of Social Media

social media
1. Focus on goals, not on channels
Set your business goals and overall strategy at the forefront of choice for social media.

2. Decide who you want to reach first
Analyze your audience and participate in social media channels where they are located.

3. Knowledge is power
As with all marketing it is important to find out if what you are doing also yields real results. Use tracking URLs to the number of clicks and the visitor traffic to be measured. From social media channels to your website

4. Find out what is said about you
Use alerts to find out who says what is true about your brand.

5. Action and reaction
If something about you being reported within a social media channel, comment here as soon as possible or take action.

6. Be honest
If you make a mistake, give it, and put it right; within social media should cover no business.

 7. Use social sharing links
Add 'send by-links to your web pages and emails to encourage sharing with other consumers. Content your users

8. Provide added value
Information for consumers and your visitors actually something to have been critical to

9. Avoid too much promotion
Talk not only about your own business / brand, try also general content to include where your audience is interested in your story.

10. Be part of the community
Social media is all about people. So personalize your brand and be part of the conversations.
the success of social media marketing.

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