9 Apr 2013

SEO processes - How does a Search Engine Optimization?

In this article I will show you how a basic SEO process looks like. The goal of any search engine optimization sequence is to be listed for relevant search terms on Google the best search results. However, one must note that the exact sequence of SEO web project to web project always runs differently - there are many varying factors to pay attention to. The basic framework of optimizing for the search engines is as follows:

1 Keyword research:

At the beginning of keyword research you have to come up with a few rough keywords which are relevant industries. Basically, there are two types of keywords, the keywords and information to profitable keywords, behind which a purchase intent is suspected. For SEO optimization is chosen, logically, the best profitable keywords from. Info Keywords bring more traffic in some cases perhaps, but profitable keywords bring, as the name suggests, later a better conversions. To illustrate: Although the keyword "computer" has a lot more searches, but you can "buy computer" after the keyword phrase suggests an intent to purchase, and therefore it is better for SEO purposes. Because you should always keep in mind that search engine optimization is actually a marketing measure, which is used to increase the turnover of companies.

To free and can research keywords instantly is best to use the Google AdWords Keyword Tool. With this you can find out how many exact searches a certain keyword gets per month on Google. Additionally suggests this tool before an even up to 800 related keywords, which you can also use for optimization. It is important that you always do the analysis with the Google keyword tool, check the "Exact", or you will get corrupted.

The next step checks how strong the competition is, and how active they are in the search engine optimization. This can, for example, if you no expensive SEO tools at its disposal to carry out simple Google search queries: "Do keyword" (with quotes), intitle: ihrkeyword and inurl: ihrkeyword - These three commands can be based on the number of search results Google, estimate about how many competitors there are and how many are using the desired keyword in the title tag or in the URL. An effective tool with which one receives more SEO value by mouse click, for example Maket samurai. This facilitates a work by a considerable and it still offers a few more useful features. If you linked it with his Google Adwords account then this may even lead to effective keyword research, with many filter options are used.

2 Domain:

The domain is another SEO factor that has like neglected. If you want to, for example, in Google.at (Austria) achieve good rankings, then it is advisable to a. Ending at TLD to choose (top level domain for Austria), and a web server with server location in Austria. If you stick to these things in the domain selection, and then the domain has the main keyword in the name (keyword domain) then later not so much link building (off-page optimization) must be used.

3 On-page optimization:

These factors must be considered when optimizing onpage SEO:
Optimization of content with HTML tags: H1, H2, H3, b, i, u
Content optimization and LSI (latent semantic indexing): First and foremost, you should make texts, especially after the Panda update for the visitors and not for search engines. However, in order to create an environment suitable word in the text the Google Adwords keyword tool to be helpful. The measures proposed by the keyword tool and keyword phrases can then be incorporated into the text, but you should always make sure that the written makes sense for real readers. Another supplier for useful keyword suggestions is the Google Instant Search.

Index Check: Is the project / website ready in the Google index? Check with the command:  if your site is already in the index. No results are found when you enter this command, then your website from Google has not been found and thus not indexed. To make the search engine on your project carefully, and to bring this to index your site, you should just start already with the off page optimization / link building or pinging. Tip: WordPress has built-in ping function in creation of new products, the new content is automatically pinged - so the search engines know that you have delivered new content that the crawler can index.

4 Off-page optimization:

Link building or link building is called off page optimization. It is simply a matter, as the name suggests, build links (or backlinks) to your project). Link building is from website to website different, as this is designed exactly in the first phase, which is already decided with this question: "New or already aged domain" New domains have to be supplied at the beginning of a lot more careful with links as domains, which are already a few years old. To illustrate, you can equate a domain with a small child, if the child is still small, this still needs to eat less (left) - the larger (content, more links, etc.) this is then the more food (more links) you can give a child. Adhere to the initial link building therefore always adhere to "quality over quantity". For lasting good results, you should spam methods and avoid the use of automated link building programs to get Google no punishments (penalty).

The basic link building a new domain consists eg from social bookmarks, comments relevant forums and web catalog entries and useful manual blog comments on related topics together. Erstellet you a plan for Link Building, which one executes every day, then you never lose track. At the end of the first month link building you should very well know the strengths and the weaknesses of the website. Then you can make on finding good link exchange partners, exchange partners for guest articles or items in relevant blogs.

A SEO link building is distinguished from project to project and in this case there is no formula that guarantees certain rankings in Google. It is best if you tried to find a new search engine optimizers much a method of link building that works best for you. You will certainly find that this can be very time consuming and exhausting, so it is also recommended an SEO Company to use as netzens.com with these tasks.