21 Jun 2013

A look behind the scenes at a SEO India company

Keyword research
At the beginning of the SEO India company is determined by the keywords the site must be found, account being taken of the monthly search volumes for relevant search terms and how strong the competition is for these terms. Therefore it is very important to look at competitors, in what terms they put in? Are there any relevant keywords (SEO Keyword Research) that others have missed? Who is in the top 5 of the organic rankings for a keyword and it is feasible to compete?

Page optimization
The next step is the on-page optimization . The website will be adjusted based on the keywords analysis. We evaluate the relevance of a website including by looking at the content of the web pages, such as page titles, headings, the text on a page, etc. page optimization of a website is a considerable task.

Link Building
In assessing the relevance of a website for a keyword Google also looks at the inbound links. It is therefore important that there be placed on other sites that link to our site, called links back links. This aspect of the campaign is link building. This is a long term approach, every month must there a x number of links be placed to may rise in the Google keyword rankings. The moment you stop link building your pocket in the rankings because your competitors just continue with link building and also because over time back links disappear (a site goes offline, a moderator remove a link etc). To do this effectively, there must be a tight link build records to be kept.

Any links without context worked in the past very well to score in Google. In the year 2013 it is necessary to have good content to supply the link to be placed in a relevant context. Before you rely on the services of good copywriters who specialize in writing SEO articles.

Keyword rankings measuring
It should also be tracked accurately what the results of the SEO India company. Keyword positions in Google should be measured and reported. For this there are various professional SEO Packages in use such as Advanced Web Ranking or the MOZ online ranking tool . It is also useful to measure to linking keyword rankings and number of clicks. Relationship visitor By regularly analyze the data to determine whether a campaign is effective and whether it might be necessary to adjust the SEO strategy, there is no SEO auto-pilot .

How is the work divided?
For a company where the SEO in-house is done would the online marketing team is as follows view. For an SEO India company you need that works closely with the web-developer (s) and the SEO expert. An account manager The SEO Account Manager coordinates the online marketing campaign with the SEA manager, they delegate all sub tasks together.

For the sub tasks have a pool of SEO 'researchers' which can be used for: keyword research (organic results and / or AdWords), page optimization and / or compiling PPC ads and link building. It is wise to involve all three phases the same person because he / she is familiar with the matter and that you avoid that too many people together to coordinate the work. The combination of these 3 tasks are sufficient to keep running when there are multiple SEO campaigns. Someone at work

SEO content writing - a craft
SEO content writing is an art that allows you to do by an experienced copywriter who knows how to write a good story to the keywords it. For effective link building is necessary. Continuous new content In particular, the Blogger Outreach requires high quality articles. Now it's often the case that a link builder bloggers approaches for placing a guest blog and negotiated the guest blog written by a copywriter. Ideally, the negotiation takes place between the copywriter and blogger itself so quickly optimal alignment can be achieved. The 'scout' for suitable blogs can be left to researcher said.

The role of SEO Account Manager
The account manager designs the SEO campaign for a site based on the information he / she receives from the researchers. This manager sends the researchers with the page optimization, link building and the blogger outreach. In addition, it should be ensured that the copywriters know what content needs to be produced and that the items on time reaches the link builders / blog baiters. The results of the SEO campaign (keyword positions, visitors, conversions) are measured using professional SEO packages such as Advanced Web Ranking and applications from Google itself, such as Google Analytic and Google Webmaster tools . Based on regular analysis of these data, the researchers and copywriters are controlled.

A common mistake is the use of a SEO project for performing tasks such as link building and page optimization . Of course it is possible that this person occasionally have to jump in as the delegated tasks are not performed satisfactorily, but the main task of the account manager is managing the SEO campaign.

Social media often forgotten
Often the use of social media not included in an SEO India company because the effects of social media on keyword rankings are not as easy to quantify as with traditional link building, or one is stuck in a certain methodology and that is a missed opportunity to aim high rank in Google.

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